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Top Recommended ways to ensure mailing safety in Gmail

The online security is the paramount thing of now days. Day to day we heard a number of breaching attacks happened in various email accounts. Such a situation, it is essential to make your account safe and secure. Let’s discus deep about this topic

Top 5 Recommended ways to ensure mailing safety in Gmail

1. Never allow spam mails:

Literarily, the spam mails are useless emails. They appear in your email inbox either as a promotional mail or as a revenge basis. To ensure safer mailing, it is suggestible that terminate the roots of such emails from your account. The Gmail’s standard version has auto-classification of emails which helps to classify the email on the basis of content. The most needed messages will appear in the primary folder and the less important messages will appear in the other folders. If you are still using the basic HTML version, then this is the time to move to the standard version to move it to the primary.

2. Unsubscribe Newsletters:

The newsletters are the one kind of spam mails which appeared because of your acceptance of newsletters of certain web pages. If the newsletters are not seems good for you, then remove it through by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button shown at the bottom end of your mail.

3. Alter your password periodically:

A report of says, the resetting of Gmail password periodically helps to secure the mail from hacking, etc vulnerabilities. According the site, the long-used passwords are not at all secure and the countries like Iran and some parts of Europe have abundant of hackers who are capable of cracking the Sophisticated security system of Gmail. You can find the password reset option of Gmail in its account and import settings.

4. Configure a Secure password:

Make sure that the password that you entered is secure. You can identify strengthens of the password with the password checker application that enabled in the web mail. The red indication shown that the password you entered is insecure and the green indication shown that the password you entered is secure. Apart this, you can also test, strengthens of the password using a password generator application.

5. Use Inbuilt Options:

Gmail have developed wide range of applications that helps to secure the mail from cyber threats like hacking, spamming, etc. Some best applications enabled in Gmail are spam defender, last log-in location track, email filtering, email classification, report spam, spam blocker, etc. If you want to know more about the Gmail security applications, you can get the detail either from the Gmail help center.